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It’s hard to imagine life without an air conditioner when you live in Florida. You should understand the problems that can occur when the air conditioning malfunctions and causes water damage to your home. Some water damage is merely annoying or inconvenient. Others, like an AC leak, can result in expensive damage to the floor, walls or ceiling of your home.

When the drainage mechanism becomes blocked, or otherwise compromised, an air conditioning leak can occur. This can result from things such as vandalism, fire damage, storm damage, etc. Condensation in the air conditioning unit, in most instances, leads to run-off.

The run-off accumulates over time, compounding the problem.  The risk of another leak and subsequent repair will increase. Some AC leaks are minor.  Others can cause severe water damage to floors, walls, insulation, and even electrical wiring. Especially so if the AC leak has been going on for a long time.

Homeowners are completely unprepared in far too many cases. It’s important to know from the start how to handle it if it happens to you.

Can Your Insurance Policy Deny You Coverage for an AC Leak?

Most people do have home insurance that covers various damages that can happen. Most insurance policies will cover you, depending on what caused your air conditioner leak. A couple of reasons your home insurance will not cover the expense of buying a new air conditioner is if:

  • The air conditioner was broken or damaged due to lack of maintenance, wear, and tear, or age
  • Your air conditioner was installed improperly
  • You purchased and installed the wrong size air conditioning unit for your needs

When Will Your Home Insurance Buy You a New Air Conditioner?

Your AC  leak may be covered by your home insurance if it has considered consequential damage. You should keep in mind that your home insurance policy will hardly mention these circumstances.

Your insurance company may be convinced to cover a new AC unit if:

  • Vandalism causing the loss or malfunction of your air conditioner
  • Lightning or Storm damage causing the malfunction of your air conditioner
  • Water damage that causes your air conditioner to malfunction
  • Fire damage causing the malfunction of your air conditioner
  • Any other covered disaster (hurricane, wind, flooding) caused the AC leak
  • If your policy contains an equipment breakdown endorsement for your air conditioning system

Does My Air Conditioning Leak Qualify as Consequential Damage?

Homeowners with an AC leak may be unaware that their policy does cover a multitude of damage. Take the case of water damage, for instance. Water damage is one of the most common problems for homes.

If, for example, a pipe burst and floods your home. Your insurance policy may cover your AC leak along with your air conditioning unit replacement. It will most likely, however, not cover replacing the pipe that burst. Your insurance may give you a $25,000 check to cover the new AC unit, damages to your walls and floors. This check will not cover the $300 pipe that burst and caused the initial claim.

When is it Time to Replace Your AC Unit?

You should consider buying a new AC unit for several reasons. Air conditioners last for 15 years. Sometimes 20 if you’re maintaining the unit regularly.

Let’s say you still have your unit after all this time. Your AC unit may not be in production anymore. It’s going to be difficult and expensive to replace broken pieces.

Current air conditioning systems are also a lot more “green” than models of the past. You can do your part in reducing your carbon footprint by getting a newer air conditioner!

It’s important to be as prepared as possible. Go over your policy if you live in an area where you use an air conditioner during part of the year. How do you find out if you are fully covered in the event of an AC leak? Do you know how to file a claim to get the maximum compensation?

This is important, especially if you’re dealing with a problem like an AC leak. Insurance companies will say that the damage to your walls, wiring, insulation aren’t covered. They actually are. Placing your claim in the hands of a solid public adjuster office like Aftermath Adjusters and Counseling can ensure that your claim is handled properly from beginning to end, just as it should be.

We’ll come over to your home the same day as your call and inspect your damage. How much will it cost you to fix the damage? We’ll give you the details. We will work with your insurance company to get you the amount you need.