If you are a business or homeowner that has experienced a loss, you may need to considering hiring a public adjuster. Damage to a property can come from a variety of incidents, such as:

  • Hurricane
  • Collapse
  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vehicle
  • Aircraft
  • Marine
  • Water damage
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Sink hole
  • Lightening

Hiring a professional is especially important if past experience with your insurance provider has been difficult.

A public adjuster can help lift the burden and ease the stress of the insurance claim process. Hiring one can be helpful if your insurance company’s adjuster has already inspected the property, and you do not agree with the amount for the covered damage. They can also be useful if you would like a third party opinion on the assessment of the damage.

 Having an Expert on Your Team

Insurance policies can be lengthy and have several clauses and endorsements. Even if you read the entire policy, you still won’t know how your insurance provider will interpret and apply these stipulations. There are statutes and laws regarding the insurance industry that you may not be aware of. Due to the numerous complex details and not fully understanding what they entail, homeowners often settle for less than they deserve.

If you submit a claim to your insurance provider by yourself, you will deal with a highly trained adjuster. Their interest is in getting the best deal for their company. On the other hand, working with a public adjuster means that their sole purpose is to help you and represent your interests.

What a Public Adjuster Can Do

A public adjuster is trained and experienced in the legal matters of claims. They can answer questions that may seem unclear to you. The public adjuster will guide you through the claim process, and you won’t have the headache of dealing with it on your own. They are experts in interpreting insurance policies, assessing property damage, and helping you obtain a fair settlement.

Not hiring a public adjuster is like representing yourself in court against a very experienced attorney. You would just be giving the insurance company an unfair advantage. You deserve equal and adequate representation. Hiring a public adjuster means they will protect your property after a loss. They will take care of the tedious and challenging process of preparing and filing a claim.

Maximize Your Settlement By Hiring a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster will make sure that you receive as much money as you are entitled for your damages. Public adjusters earn a percentage of the money they obtain on your behalf. Therefore, the more money they receive for you, the more they get paid.

Some people think that hiring a public adjuster means that the insured will receive less money because of the adjuster’s fee. However, an adjuster very often recovers much more money than you could on your own. This is good news for you and your adjuster, and you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Minimize the Hassle

The insured often spends twice as much time negotiating a settlement as a public adjuster would. As a property owner already dealing with the stress of property damage and necessary reconstruction, the added aggravation of handling a claim isn’t worth it. Hiring a professional to manage the details of your insurance claim can also allow you to focus on the restoration of your property. Having a public adjuster facilitate your claims during such times can ease the stress and let your mind focus on other important matters.

At Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, our team understands the need you have to quickly get your daily life back to normal. Therefore, we will do everything we can to process the claim efficiently and in a timely manner. When you hire a public adjuster, you can feel assured that your rights are being defended by an expert who is working for you.