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Florida residents have been devastated by the wind damage from Hurricane Irma. Aftermath Adjusters wants to be sure that you get your property back in order quickly and easily, as well as get your insurance claim settled. Give us a call to help with the claim and follow these tips to help with the cleanup.

Use Caution Around Power Lines After Wind Damage

One common destruction caused by strong winds is fallen tree branches. This debris can make the cleanup process much more dangerous. If you have trees on your property that are near overhead power lines, have the tree limbs cut back before storm season arrives. Even with your efforts, and the regular tree-trimming schedules of the utility companies, fallen limbs cause about 30 percent of all power outages.

If a tree limb does knock over an electrical line, always assume that the line is active until it is back on the pole. Contact the utility company to make sure the line is not energized. If the utility company needs to cut trees to get to the affected area, there may be even more debris to clean up.

Fortify Your Roof

Before disaster strikes, check the tiles and edging on your roof and make sure none are drooping or loose. High winds can peel off loose fixtures and tiles easily. If your roof does experience damage after a storm, look over the destruction carefully. Water from the storm often seeps through the damaged tiles and rots the plywood underneath. Depending on how long it has had to warp, this could make walking on the roof more dangerous.

If you are unsure about how safe your roof is, call a professional that you, or someone you know, trusts. You can also ask your public adjuster about qualified contractors in the area.

What to Look Out For

If the damage to your roof is significant enough to need professional repairs, don’t just hire the first roofing company that comes along. Make sure experts who know what they are doing complete the work . When choosing a roofing crew, watch out for ones that:

  • Are unable to give proof of insurance or bonding.
  • Do not have a local address, or only have a local P.O. box for an address.
  • Will fix your roof for a lot less than most roofing companies. For the going market rates, ask other local builders or contractors.
  • Cannot provide references from other jobs in the area.

The roofing teams that run scams frequently try to convince property owners to hire and pay them quickly. They will track storms and arrive right when the storm dissipates. They may work quickly but usually end up doing subpar work that will need replacing in a few years.  Some even leave town before finishing the job or doing any work at all.

To avoid a scam, have a public adjuster inspect the wind damage. We help you figure out the exact nature of the restoration work and give you information about local reputable roofing companies. Doing what you can to get the quality repairs you need will save you from additional inconvenience.

Call Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting today to help you assess the wind damage caused by Hurricane Irma. As qualified public adjusters, we will do everything needed to document the damage, create a claim, and negotiate with your insurance company. Call us today.