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Maintaining a property in good condition requires considerable effort. When a disaster strikes, you’ll require the assistance of reputable Davie public adjusters to handle your claims. When it comes to claims, insurance companies are not always on your side. A public adjuster can help you obtain a fair settlement for the damage to your home. In Davie, Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC can assist you in saving both time and effort. Our licensed public adjusters will pursue payment on your behalf. Our Davie public adjusters work one-on-one with you to ensure that you are kept informed at all times. We are available to assist you at any time.

If you own a home or business in Davie and sustain damage, you should benefit significantly from the additional help of a public adjuster when filing an insurance claim. They can help support you in acquiring all of the compensation to which you are entitled and have left nothing on the table. Public Adjuster specialists represent you, the policyholder, during the negotiation and assessment of an insurance claim. We have well over 50 years of combined experience and know what we’re doing! We are aware of how impractical the claims process can be for Davie property owners and are here to help.

Having a public adjuster on your side during a disaster can be extremely beneficial. We will be with you every step of the way, from the initial inspection to gathering and submitting the documents necessary for an in-depth assessment of your claim to your insurance company. Additionally, we will prepare a professional estimate, negotiate your claim, and attend all on-site inspections.

Types of Insurance Claims

Flooding, high winds, and severe storms are all examples of natural disasters that can cause significant property damage. You will not have to deal with your insurance company on your own if you have a public adjuster on your side.

Wind & Hurricane Damage

There are numerous advantages to living in tropical Davie, but one of them is not having to worry about hurricanes. Unfortunately for Florida property owners, hurricanes will cause problems. Aftermath can assist you if you have sustained damage to your Davie property due to wind or storms. Make immediate contact with Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting LLC! As a result, we will work diligently to ensure that your claim is fully compensated.

Roof Leaks

Settlements for roof leak claims are rare unless a specific storm is involved. That is why you will require Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC’s assistance with your claim. If you retain our services, we will aggressively pursue the maximum insurance payout possible.

Numerous policyholders are perplexed by the coverage, and as a result, they are unaware of the existence of a claim. For those who are unaware, roof leaks can be caused by wind, tree/limb falls, and even lightning. In these instances, the insurance company will typically cover the cost of the repair. Regardless of the age of your roof, your insurance policy should cover the damage.

Water DamageDavie Public Adjusters

Water damage is the most frequent reason for homeowners’ insurance claims. The following factors contribute to these types of damages:

– Plumbing issues, such as burst pipes
– Appliances that leak, such as a leaking air conditioning condensation line, garbage disposals, ice makers, dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water heaters, among others.
– Dripping faucets
– Underground pipelines that have ruptured
– And more

Water can cause stains, mold, and structural damage in a matter of minutes. We can meticulously document the damages to ensure you receive the largest achievable compensation.

Mold Damage

It is critical to recognize that mold is not typically considered a covered risk. On the other hand, mold damage resulting from water damage may be covered by insurance. If this is the case, we can assist you in filing a claim for mold damage.

Davie Public Adjusters

Fire and Smoke Damage

Regardless of size or intensity, a fire can have disastrous consequences. Additionally, it may pose a threat to your health and safety.

The fire department must be contacted when there is smoke or fire damage in Davie so that a report can be made. Problems may arise if homeowners don’t file a report.

Cast Iron Pipe DamageDavie Public Adjusters

Cast iron pipe failure can result in a variety of issues for your primary residence, including the following:

– Difficulties with the drainage system

– Subterranean plumbing, which results in a backup of bathtubs, toilets, bathroom, and kitchen sinks

– Subfloor damage – Foundation problems

If you notice sewage odors, drainage slowdowns, bug infestations, gurgling pipes, or water damage, your cast iron pipes may be failing. As a result, Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC strongly recommends property owners who purchased their homes prior to 1974 contact us for a complimentary home analysis. We can help to determine whether or not your cast iron pipes are disintegrating.

Why Call Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC in Davie

– Rather than dealing with an insurance company on your own, we can assist you in taking control of your home and life.

– We can help you figure out why your claim is not being paid in full.

– Was your claim denied? We can help!

– Ascertain that insurance providers have all of the documentation necessary to conduct a thorough evaluation of your claim.

Do not put it off any longer! It’s time to speak with one of our highly trained and experienced public adjusters. Our one-on-one approach enables us to become acquainted with each property owner, ascertain their unique needs, and then take the necessary steps to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve!