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You may assume your coverage is canceled if you receive a letter stating that your coverage will not be renewed. This is not the case, however. Non-renewal and cancellation of policy are two very different things. It is important to understanding the differences between them.


One year is the normal term for a property insurance policy. You or your insurance company can decide not to renew coverage once that year ends. There are laws in place to govern insurance companies in case they do choose not to renew your coverage. In Florida, your insurance company is required to give you advance 45 day’s notice if they decide not to renew your coverage.  Your coverage will still be there until your contract with your insurance company expires.

Cancellation of Policy

Cancellation of policy is when coverage ends before the expiration date of the policy. Legally, insurance companies can only do a cancellation of policy if:

  • The policyholder’s risk changed substantially
  • The policyholder did not pay their premiums
  • The policyholder made false statements in the application
  • The insurance company does not offer a particular line of insurance products

The policyholder is only required to receive ten days advance written of any cancellation of policy.

If You Do Not Agree With a Non-Renewal

Your insurance company has to provide a reason for the non-renewal in addition to the advance notice. You can call your insurance provider for a better explanation if you disagree with the reason or need more details about it. The Florida Division of Consumer Services can help with further clarification if this occurs.

Insurers Can Terminate Within the First 90 Days

Every insurer has the right to cancel a policy within the first 90 days of coverage in Florida. This gives them the opportunity to their change mind and reverse a purchase decision, just like the consumer.  There have been times where consumers, insured by a private insurer, discovered they were not locked in for one year. This does not happen very often though.

The truth is simple. Should an insurance policy be less than 90 days old and the insurance company wish to cancel coverage, they can do it. They do, however, have to:

  • Give written notice at least 20 days before that cancellation of policy happens
  • A reason for the cancellation of policy

The Caveats of Cancellation

It may become much difficult to find coverage from another company if your insurance company cancels your policy. This is because it takes serious circumstances for cancellation of policy to be allowed.  You may need to pay much higher premiums for coverage from another provider.

It is always a good idea to take all notices seriously and handle them as quickly as possible. This will keep your possessions adequately insured.

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting will be happy to look over your policy to help you determine if you have the adequate coverage for your home and possessions. Additionally, if you have received a non-renewal or cancellation of policy notice, give us a call today and let us help you determine your next move.