You may not have had any experience with a Public Adjuster before or may not have even heard of them. This is most likely because you haven’t suffered major property damage or struggled to get fair compensation from your insurance after an incident. You also might not know how a public adjuster is different from a independent claims adjuster that works for your insurance company. However, when you have had a disaster occur and need to deal with your insurance, it is important to know what a public adjuster does and when to contact one.

When To Work With a Public Adjuster

When an accident or natural disaster happens, you will need to work with a claims adjuster to sort out the details of your insurance policy. Claims adjusters perform many duties for the insurance agency and the policyholder. Some of these duties include:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy to confirm that the type and amount of the damage covered under your current insurance.
  • Inspecting the damages to decide the total payout. This may include living expenses if you have had to evacuate your home or business losses for damaged businesses.
  • Documenting and submitting the claim to your insurance provider so that you can collect your payment as soon as possible.

General Claims Adjusters and Public Adjusters

The main difference between a independent claims adjuster and a public adjuster is who employs them. Independent Claims Adjusters work for the insurance company and not the policyholder. For this reason, some policyholders believe that independent claims adjusters’ only interest is in the well-being of the company.

Public adjusters, however, are not affiliated with the insurance company and work for you, the policyholder. This allows them to give a more balanced assessment when negotiating claims and give you the opportunity for a more comprehensive payout.

Since public adjusters are employed by you, you will be the one paying for their services. This payment is usually a percentage of the final settlement. A typical percentage is between 10-20% of the settlement. For large claims, this percentage may be smaller, and some states even cap the fee amount.

The sooner you get in contact with a public adjuster, the faster you will get help with your insurance claim and receive a more comprehensive payout. However, many policyholders wait to hire a public adjuster until their insurance company refuses to give a fair reimbursement.

Public Adjusters in Florida

You will want to find a public adjuster that is certified and experienced. It is important to note that not all public adjusters are the same. Some have more knowledge and training in certain areas than in others. For example, there are public adjusters who are more practiced in health insurance while others specialize in homeowners insurance.

Here at Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting LLC, we can help with your homeowner’s insurance claims. Whether you are processing a new one, or struggling with an old one, our public adjusters can help. We will make sure the process runs efficiently and that you receive a more comprehensive payout.