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Do you own residential or commercial real estate in Hallandale Beach? If so, you are probably incredibly proud. Purchasing property requires a significant investment and you have likely saved and planned for this opportunity for years. Real estate transactions mark milestones in your life and protecting the investment you made is critical. We are the best Hallandale Beach Public Adjusters.

Let’s face it, taking care of your property requires time and energy. But, it is necessary to maintain its condition. That said, even when you pay meticulous attention, things happen, especially when your property is located in Florida. Property owners in Hallandale know how important it is to have appropriate insurance, as something like a simple storm in Florida can cause considerable damage.

Most property owners believe that having the right coverage guarantees their claims will be paid appropriately and in a timely fashion. Sadly, this is not reality. The insurance companies primary focus is on their profitability and paying claims generates an expense. Therefore, claims are regularly underpaid or even denied.

If you find yourself in this position, engaging a reputable public adjuster, like Aftermath Adjusters and Consulting,  is a wise decision. Our professionals can help you move forward and get the settlement you need and deserve.

We are well known in Hallandale Beach for our great team of public adjusters with their experience and approach. We manage the entire claims process from beginning to end utilizing our knowledge and expertise. We attend all inspections, complete and submit a detailed professional estimate of your damages, provide the carrier with all required paperwork in a timely fashion and negotiate your claim to settlement.

As your professional public adjuster located in Hallandale Beach, we fight for your goals as if they were our own. We know you need this settlement to move forward with your life and we are committed to fighting tirelessly on your behalf.

Insurance Claims Can Vary

Incidents that can result in an insurance claim are numerous, especially when you live in Florida, near the water. Weather is always an issue and storms can cause significant flooding and high winds. The damage from Florida storms can be life-changing.

When this happens, you need your insurance company to come through for you. But, it may not be as easy as simply filing paperwork. The services of a public adjuster can help you manage this process to get you the results you need.

Wind & Hurricane Damage

Hallandale Beach is well-known as a spectacular place to live. In fact, tons of people vacation in the area every year. Without a doubt, it is a destination of choice – until bad weather approaches.

If you live in Hallandale Beach and the property you own has been impacted by the weather, we can help! Reach out to our team at Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting as quickly as possible. With property damage, time is of the essence, and the more quickly we can get to work for you, the sooner you can receive the settlement you so desperately need.

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Roof Leaks Can Be Serious

Roof leaks are among the most common issues facing property owners today. Our team of Public Adjusters located in Hallandale Beach has extensive experience with them! Lightning, wind, and falling foliage can all damage your roof, and result in a leak.

While super common, roof leaks can be a challenge when it comes to reimbursement from your insurance company. However, if the damage that caused the leak was the result of inclement weather, your claim may be easier to settle as the cause plays a role in coverage.  Our Hallandale team can inspect your roof and help to identify the cause of the leak.

Beware; many insurance companies may try to avoid paying for your roof leak claim based on your roof’s age. This should not be a coverage factor – roof damage caused by weather may be covered regardless of age.

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Water Damage

Water, at face value, seems so harmless. But the opposite is actually true. Left unaddressed, water can be incredibly damaging. Common issues like leaky faucets, broken appliances, and burst pipes can result in water stains, flooding, mildew, and even damage to the structure of your property.

In order to limit the destruction, quick action is needed. That is where we can help. Our team can come out and inspect your property immediately. We will identify the source of the leak and document all damage in its entirety, even that which is not visible to the naked eye.  Our professionals know where to look to find all problems.

Mold Damage

Nobody wants to hear that their property has mold. It’s overwhelming at best and must be addressed immediately. Remediation can be costly, but doing nothing is simply not an option. The integrity of your home and the health of your family and employees are at risk.

Unfortunately, mold damage may not be a covered expense under your specific policy.  However, when it results from issues like water leaks or storm damage (both often covered), you may be eligible for expense reimbursement.

That being said, identifying the cause of the mold is key. Our Hallandale Beach public adjusters are well-versed in mold damage and can accurately identify its cause and correctly document your claim. This information can be the difference in getting the settlement you need.

Fire and Smoke Damagehallandale beach public adjusters

Fire moves quickly, destroying everything in its path. And what it does not ruin directly can be damaged by the accompanying smoke.

The most important thing you can do if your property has been impacted by fire, after ensuring everyone in your family is safe and the fire is extinguished, is to get a fire report from the Hallandale Beach Fire Department. This document may be required for proper reimbursement and not having one to submit to your insurance company may result in a denied claim.

Control what you can. Report all fire and smoke damage quickly and ask for a copy of the report.

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Cast Iron Pipe Damage

Many homeowners have no idea of the materials used to manufacture their homes.  That being said, many older homes in Florida were built with pipes made of cast iron. And, this material begins to decay over time, putting the structure of your home at risk. The resulting damage can include drainage problems, plumbing backups, and even damage to your foundation.

If your property was built prior to 1974 you may have cast-iron pipes. If this is the case, it makes sense to contact us to have a cast-iron pipe inspection. This material has a typical life span of about 25-30 years – so, you need to identify if you have them!

Keep an eye out for problems like insect infestations, slow drainage, gurgling pipes, or the odor of sewage. These are warning signs that could indicate the existence of cast iron pipes and their failure.

Why Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC in Hallandale?

Quite simply, the answer to this question is experience, knowledge, and approach. You, as a home or business owner, and understandably so, don’t know how to appropriately navigate the nightmare that can be an insurance claim. But, we do!

Our Hallandale Beach team of Public Adjusters will handle the claims process on your behalf, accurately completing all forms, compiling reports, and submitting the paperwork on your behalf. Even if you have underpaid or denied claims, we will review your claim, policy terms, and conditions as well as the insurance company’s response, and determine if you’re able to challenge their decision.

Our team is ready to go to work for you immediately. Time is of the essence! Allow us to prove that our reputation for the highest quality service, along with responsive and personal attention is the answer to your insurance issues.

We understand how personal and emotional the process can be and are committed to providing you with the full range of our technical expertise and customer support. We commit to working tirelessly to successfully resolve your insurance claim issues.  Contact Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC  today!