Many home and property owners will begin taking the necessary steps to assess and calculate damage, advise their insurance companies of the loss, and slowly begin repairs, after the destruction and devastation in the Panama City and Mexico Beach area in the wake of Hurricane Michael. Aftermath Adjusters and Consulting wants to make sure those who have suffered damage are aware of all resources available for them after a storm.  That’s why you should know a few things about public adjusters before you file or settle your claim for damage from Hurricane Michael.

Insurance Adjusters Work for Insurance Companies

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between an insurance adjuster and a public adjuster. The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. They have reasons to downplay your damages and minimize your claim. They do this through the use of tables and formulas to limit damage claims.

As an employee of the insurance company, they do what they can to keep the insurance company from losing money. Remember, your insurance company is in the making money business, which means paying out less on insurance claims than they collect in premiums.

Your insurance company sent the adjuster out to you, so no matter how pleasant, understanding and zealous the adjuster may seem to be about getting you the most money possible, remind yourself they are hired by your insurance company and concerned about the company, not you. They will always represent the best interests of the insurance company.

Insurance companies often hire independent adjusters to work on claims for their company. This is especially true for areas with widespread damage such as areas hit by Hurricane Michael. This is due to the need for additional claims adjusters. Unfortunately, these adjusters do not always understand Florida laws. They may also be new adjusters with little experince. Finally, although they are called independent adjusters, they are still working for the insurance company.

Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

On the other hand, the Florida Department of Financial Services licenses a public adjuster who works for you to prepare your claim, appraise your damages, and negotiate with your insurance company the money needed for repairs to your home and replacement of personal property. They work for you and will be your advocate.

Public adjusters get paid a percentage of your recovery amount. They do not receive pay from your insurance company. This means they have a reason to seek out and document every element of your damages to maximize the money you get back on your insurance claim. The percentage that public adjusters charge can vary.  Before hiring a public adjuster, be sure you understand what services the public adjuster includes.

Public adjusters have different levels of customer service, experience, and results. Bringing a public adjuster on board can help to ensure your best interests. If you have questions about public adjusters or are considering hiring a public adjuster, contact Aftermath Adjusters, and Consulting. We would be happy to discuss how we work to get you the best settlement possible.