As a homeowner, you can easily find yourself in a stressful situation if you experience a property insurance loss. In fact, many losses, such as a home fire or devastating hurricane-force winds, can change the way you live from day to day. When this happens, even the most efficient family can become overwhelmed with trying to file an insurance claim. That’s why you should consider hiring a public adjuster to help.

Your Insurance Company’s Response

After you suffer property damage and file a claim, your insurance company will send their adjuster to your home. This adjuster is either directly employed by your insurance carrier or has contracted with them.

These adjusters work to serve the best interest of your insurance company. Their best interest is often in direct competition with your own. You want the insurance company to pay out as much as possible, while they wish to pay out as little as possible.

Hiring a public adjuster makes sure your best interests are represented. A professional public adjuster works with your insurance company to help you get a fair claim based on your insurance policy. Here are five benefits of hiring a public adjuster.

#1: Saves Time

Although it is possible to file all the paperwork and stay in constant contact with the insurance company, it takes a lot of time. Most homeowners have more important things to do. By hiring a public adjuster, you take back your time, allowing them to deal with the claim issues.

#2: Expertise

Insurance policies are complicated. Not only do you need to understand the policy, but you have to know how to file the claim. A public adjuster is someone that is on your side that knows the insurance terminology and enforcement. They know correct restoration procedures, how to document expenses, and negotiate when an insurance carrier wants to deny coverage. Hiring a public adjuster means that you have someone ready to substantiate any part of your claim at any time.

#3: Faster Settlement

It is important to homeowners to get their settlement so they can get on with needed repairs. A public adjuster knows how to file a claim in a way that:

  • Avoids the need for additional information requests
  • Moves the claims process along quickly
  • Allows you to repair your home faster

#4: Protects Your Rights

Sometimes, an insurance company will deny your claim. When this happens, a public adjuster can help you negotiate to get the settlement you deserve. They:

  • Know what the insurance company expects
  • Understand the correct valuation process for a claim
  • Can act as a witness if needed

#5: Get Maximum Payout

A recent survey by the Office of Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPAGGA) shows that hiring a public adjuster in Florida can get you up to 74% on your settlement. This is even truer when a catastrophe, such as a major hurricane, has insurance carriers processing an extensive number of claims.

All in all, hiring a public adjuster makes sense. By calling Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, Inc, you can take advantage of our expertise and years of experience. Contact us today and let us help you get a positive claims outcome.