If you experience hurricane damage, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage to your home. From this evaluation, they will determine how much money they will pay for you to make repairs.

However, this adjuster works for the insurance company and looks out for their best interests. Who will do that for you?

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is like your insurance company’s adjuster with one big exception – they work for you. For a fee, a public adjuster will come to your home and determine the property loss and help you file your claims.

A public adjuster is:

  • A licensed professional
  • Someone who works for the insured rather than the insurance company
  • Able to file claims for hurricanes, flood, wind, fire, smoke, and other covered perils
  • Able to evaluate additional losses such as business income

A public adjuster is different from an independent adjuster or a company adjuster. A company adjuster works for an insurance company to evaluate claims by the company’s policyholders. An independent adjuster also works for the insurance company but may work for many different companies on an as-needed basis. Only the public adjuster works for the home or business owner.

Hiring a public adjuster after a hurricane is a good idea if you need help filing a claim or if you have already filed but have been denied or feel that your payout is incorrect.

What a Public Adjuster Can Do for You

If you have ever filed an insurance claim, then you understand how difficult it can be. You must understand your policy and what it covers. You need to be an expert in policy language. And you need to do everything within the guidelines and timelines set by the insurance company. If you don’t, then you may not get the full claim payout you deserve.

By hiring a public adjuster, you get someone who:

  • Has expertise in filing and adjusting already-filed claims
  • Understands construction
  • Can evaluate property loss using sophisticated software
  • Knows the process for submitting additional and supplemental claims
  • Is familiar with the nuances of property insurance claim forms
  • Negotiates with the insurance company
  • Consults with contractors
  • Deals with all the time-consuming details

Even the most detail-oriented homeowner will not have the experience to fill out these forms with the same level of proficiency as a public adjuster. By hiring a public adjuster, you receive protection against the difficulties that may arise when filing your unique claim.

Do You Need a Public Adjuster?

If you need to file a property insurance claim, you may want to consider hiring a public adjuster. Most homeowners should hire a public adjuster if:

  • The claim amount is higher than $10,000
  • A second opinion is needed. It is not uncommon for public adjusters to find loss estimates significantly below what they should be.
  • The claim is tricky. There are many moving parts in a hurricane claim, from flooding to wind damage to personal property loss to living expenses. Oftentimes, a homeowner will need to deal with several insurance carriers and policies.
  • They do not have the time and/or experience needed to file the claim correctly. Without an accurately detailed claim, a homeowner will not get the right payout to cover their loss. A public adjuster can be sure to claim the right amount so that you get the correct payout.

If you have experienced hurricane damage in Florida, then give Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting a call. We can help you file your hurricane damage claims, negotiate with your insurance carriers, and get you the best claim payout possible – without the mistakes and hassles of doing it yourself. Contact us today at (954) 329-2456 for more information.