When your home has been severely damaged, it is challenging to handle the claim process on your own, especially if you have property claim disputes. An insurance claims adjuster is on the side of the insurance company. This could lead to a smaller payout or quick settlement. Hiring a public adjuster can help the process run smoothly, and give you an advocate for your claim.

When you have a public adjuster working for you, property claim disputes are solved with fewer difficulties. They know how insurance companies operate and what to expect in a claims process. If there ends up being a disagreement over your policy, a public adjuster has the training and experience to work it out on your behalf.

Here are six ways a public adjuster can help settle property claim disputes in your insurance claim.

1. Knowledge of the Different Coverage Issues

Insurance company adjusters might not make it clear that a coverage disagreement exists. They may tell you to read your policy or file a “proof of loss” letter, which can be difficult to understand.

Public adjusters will be able to tell you if there are coverage issues, even when the company doesn’t explain the situation very well. They will ask your insurer for specific claim information, look over your policy, and be diligent in asking for timely follow-up and resolution.

2. Skilled Negotiators for Property Claim Disputes

A public adjuster is an expert at negotiating claims, even disputed ones. At Aftermath Adjusters, we’ve received training in damages, coverage, and claim issues. We can communicate your needs and will be patient in waiting for the best outcome for you.

3. Going Up the Chain of Command

When a public adjuster can’t resolve your claim on their own, they will do whatever it takes to help you out. For example, Aftermath Adjusters will go to someone with authority who can help resolve the dispute, whether it be a manager, supervisor, or executive.

4. Understands the Details of the Insurance Business

When an insurance adjuster wants you to settle your claim early or for a low amount, they may try a variety of tactics. You might receive a check in the mail for an already rejected amount, or they might send a complicated coverage letter. They may even close your file if you have not responded in what they believe is a timely manner or simply rejected their offer for settlement. A public adjuster knows your rights and will know how to respond.

5. “Final offers” Are Not Final

When going over your claim, an insurance company adjuster will show you figures regarding:

  • Labor rates
  • Cost of materials
  • Depreciation
  • Average property life expectancy.

Luckily, a public adjuster knows that those figures are not set in stone and that everything is negotiable. Even when an insurance adjuster makes a final offer, there is still plenty of opportunities to get a settlement that is best for you.

6. Determination To Restore Your Home Properly

A public adjuster will listen to your needs and decide what is important to your claim. When it comes to having your home restored appropriately, your public adjuster will be there to do things right. This is especially true if there is something that the insurance adjuster disputes.

If you need help with property claims disagreements, contact Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting LLC today. Our professional public claims adjusters are ready to help you get the fair payout you deserve. Our license and experience let us handle both disputed and non-disputed claims.