Most homeowners have an insurance policy for the furniture in their home and the house itself. What many homeowners don’t realize, however, is that most insurance policies have a cap amount for their personal items. You might not be covered at all if you have items that your insurance company considers fall outside of normal household contents. That is why Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting wants you to understand what you need in order to make a jewelry insurance claim.

1. Items That May Not Be Covered or Stipulated Amounts

Some of the items that might not be covered items by your standard insurance policy or have stipulated amounts include:

  • Collections of things like coins and guns
  • Original or expensive artwork
  • High-end electronics
  • Valuable jewelry

All of these items will need to have a separate endorsements added to your policy. Having them appraised by an expert appraiser can help you get the coverage you need.

2. The Rider or “Endorsement”

The first step to determine whether your policy covers damage or theft of jewelry is to check your stated coverage limitations. In addition to covered items, also check your insurance policy for coverage amounts. Make sure these amounts cover all of your belongings.

If the coverage isn’t enough to cover your jewelry, then you can buy a rider. A Rider is some additional insurance coverage to cover everything you own in case you ever need to make a jewelry theft claim.

3. Visual Documentation Matters

You should take pictures or video of all of the valuable jewelry you own. This will be very important to have in case your jewelry is damaged or stolen. Your visual documentation also needs to include a description of the jewelry that Includes:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Type of materials
  • An appraisal from an accredited individual

Having this information when making a jewelry insurance claim will make the process much smoother.

4. Demonstrate Your Efforts

It’s important to show that you took steps to prevent theft or damage just like you would with anything else you want to have covered by insurance. Without any preventative measures, filing a jewelry insurance claim is difficult at best.

For jewelry, this means keeping the items in a water and fire-proof safe in your home or a safe deposit box at a local bank.

5. Private Adjusters and the Jewelry Insurance Claim

Confusion about filing a jewelry insurance claim is common. This is where getting a Florida public adjuster, like Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, can help. We negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to make sure you receive a fair amount for your claim. We can also help you understand any parts of your policy that you don’t understand.

6. The Payout

If your insurance company accepts your jewelry insurance claim, your payout depends on what your insurance policy outlines. Some companies will provide a check. Others might only cover the cost to replace the item. It is all outlined in your additional rider and/or your insurance policy, so make sure you know what it states.

Having the professional assistance of a public adjuster on your side can help you keep your valuable items protected. Before you choose a professional, however, it’s a good idea to check that they are qualified and have successfully helped other settlements of similar claims. Call us today to find out how Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting’s experience can work for you and get you the settlement amount you deserve for your jewelry insurance claim.