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Homeowners put a lot of themselves, their time, and their money into their property. That is why you’ll want the help of highly skilled West Park public adjusters to guide you if you need to file a damage claim.

You see, insurance carriers aren’t always on your side when it comes to a settlement. An insurance company needs to make money – and they lose money when paying out claims. So, it is in their best interest to find reasons for the denial. A public adjuster can help you get a full settlement for property damage. Our qualified, expert adjusters fight on your behalf to get you the settlement you deserve. Our West Park public adjusters work with you and for you.

If your home or office in West Park has been damaged, a public adjuster can help you submit your insurance claim. In fact, public adjusters can guide you so that you receive the full compensation you are rightfully due.

Having a public adjuster on your team can be advantageous when dealing with property damage. A professional public adjuster acts as your advocate during negotiations and the review of an insurance claim, keeping you informed throughout the process. Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting in West Park has over 50 years of experience. We understand how tedious it can be to file and navigate a claim. Let us facilitate your claim to save you time and energy.

Several Types of Insurance Claims

There are many things that can damage your home. These include natural disasters such as floods, strong winds, and violent storms. They can also be such things as fire, smoke, and mold. Getting a public adjuster on your side means you won’t have to deal with these claims alone.

Wind & Hurricane Loss

As you know, living in West Park has its benefits. However, poor weather conditions is one of the drawbacks. In fact, for Florida property owners, hurricanes will always be an issue. Aftermath Adjusters can be of service if your West Park property has been damaged by storms or wind. Contact Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC – via phone or email – immediately. We will fight to ensure that you receive the full amount for your wind and hurricane loss claim.

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Roof Leak Loss

Roof leak claims are almost always denied by an insurance carrier. The only way to get approval is for the damage to be due to a storm.

Don’t assume that you don’t have a claim. Your insurance may cover the damage, regardless of the age of your roof, if the leak is due to wind, lightning, or trees and limbs falling onto the structure. Having the expertise and knowledge of Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC will be essential when handling your roof leak claim.

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Water Damage Loss

The number one home insurance claim is water damage. Water damage happens when a home or business owner has issues with:

– Leaks in the plumbing system
– Faulty appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and garbage disposals.
– Leaks in water lines such as the AC condensation line or ice maker line
– Faucets that leak
– Cracks in underground pipes

It doesn’t take long for water to cause serious damage, including staining, corrosion, and structural issues. We can help you document all the damages to your home, even those not noticeable to the naked eye. In this way, you will receive the maximum settlement possible.

Mold Damage Loss

For many homeowners, mold damage loss is not a covered event. However, if the mold damage is due to water damage, it may be covered. We can help you determine the cause of your mold, and if covered, help you with your mold damage claim.

Fire and Smoke Loss

Fire and smoke damage is catastrophic. Even a small fire can destroy everything in a home, putting your family’s life and well-being at risk.

Even though fire and smoke loss is covered by insurance, it is important to call the West part Fire Department if you have a fire. Simply call 911, even if you can handle the fire on your own. The report from the fire department will be critical when filing a claim to your insurance company.

Cast Iron Pipe Damage Loss

Homes built before 1974 may have been built using cast iron pipes. If you own an older home and have cast iron pipe failure, you may notice:

– Issues with draining
– Backed-up plumbing
– Cracks in the foundation
– Structural flooring issues
– Wastewater odors
– Bug infestations
– Gurgling pipes
– Other water damage

Contact Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC for a free home examination. We can help you determine if your cast iron pipes are deteriorating – and what to do about it.

Why Call Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC in West Park

Aftermath Adjusters will be with you for the entire process, from the initial inspection to the collection and submission of the documents specified by your insurance provider. That way, you can get on with your life rather than:

– Feel powerless when dealing with insurance pros
– Try to figure out – alone – why your claim was denied
– Determine what documentation is needed to thoroughly examine a claim

Don’t try to do this alone. Call now to speak with one of our experienced and licensed public adjusters. Our individualized process allows us to get to know you, your needs, and the exact steps needed to get you the settlement you deserve.

Contact Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC today!