If you live in Florida and have for more than a year, you may have already experienced some hurricane damage, at least to some degree. That’s because Florida is the state with the most hurricanes each year.

Here are some statistics you might find interesting:

  • Since 1851, 120 hurricanes have made landfall in Florida – out of the 292 that have hit the United States
  • In the same period, only 18 hurricane seasons passed without a hurricane making landfall in Florida
  • Tropical storms have affected Florida in every month except January and March.
  • 75% of storms affect Florida between August and October


Top 10 worst hurricanes in Florida history

1906 Florida Keys Hurricane

This storm began in the Caribbean, becoming a tropical storm on October 8th. By Oct 9th, it had become a hurricane, and on Oct 10th, it was a Category 3 storm that hit Nicaragua. After landfall, the storm degraded to a Category 1 storm but continued over warm waters and gained speed again. It hit Florida as a Category 3 storm.

Hurricane of 1909

This is another Category 3 storm, however it formed on the Colombian coast becoming a tropical storm within a day of forming. By day two, this storm was a hurricane. On October 10th, the storm hit Cuba, but didn’t lose any energy. It made landfall in Marathon the next day with 115 mph winds.

1910 Cuba Hurricane

Just a year later, another Category 3 hurricane hit Florida. This hurricane, like the one in 1909, formed in the Caribbean. However, it gained strength even faster and reached hurricane status within 24 hours. It first hit Cuba and then hit the islands in South Florida as a Category 3, weakening to a Category 2 before making landfall on the mainland.

1919 Key West Hurricane

This storm formed on September 2nd near the Leeward Islands and took five days to become a hurricane. It struck Key West as a Category 4 hurricane. Key West was devastated due to the high winds, rainfall, and storm surge.

Okeechobee Hurricane 1928

Not only was this a strong Category 4 hurricane, but it was a deadly one, killing 2,500 people in Florida. It started on Africa’s west coast on September 6th, becoming a tropical storm the same day. On September 9th, the storm strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane. It hit Guadeloupe as a Category 4 on September 12th, and the next day, it strengthened to a Category 5 before hitting Puerto Rico. Then on September 16th, it crossed the Bahamas as a Category 4, before slamming into West Palm Beach the same day with 165 mph winds. Then, the storm, significantly weaker, went back out to sea, and made landfall once more as a Category 1 storm in Edisto Island, South Carolina before rolling across North Carolina as a tropical storm. By the time the storm was over, it had caused over $100 million in damages and killed over 4,000 people.

The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane

This immense storm started in the Bahamas on August 29th and built into a hurricane by September 1st. Over the next 36 hours, the storm would intensify to a Category 5 storm. It hit the keys as the strongest hurricane in the history of the US with sustained winds of 195 mph.

1948 October Hurricane

This hurricane struck just two weeks after the “September Hurricane.” Because it was so close on the heels of the first hurricane, this one caused considerable damage. It formed on October 3rd and became a hurricane the next day. By the time it hit the Florida Straits, it was a Category 3, and then hit Miami with 90 mph winds.

1960 Hurricane Donna

This is the first named storm to make the list. It formed in the Cabo Verde Islands on August 29th and became a hurricane on September 1st. It didn’t make landfall in Florida until September 9th, where after strengthening and weakening several times, it hit the Keys as a Category 4.

1965 Hurricane Betsy

This storm started off the coast of Africa but didn’t reach hurricane status until it reached Puerto Rico on August 30th. Then, by September 6th, the storm had strengthened to a Category 3 hurricane and made landfall in Key Largo.

Hurricane Irma 2017

Several decades elapsed between Betsy and Irma who came into the Keys as a Category 4. Irma was one of the worst hurricanes in the state due to her size. She crossed over large sections of Florida, leaving devastation in her wake.

Of course, these are not all the storms that hit Florida, nor will they be the last. If you experience hurricane damage to your home or property, give Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting a call. We can help you negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance carrier as you restore your home back to pre-storm conditions.

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