Anyone who suffers from hurricane damage will be thankful for the right insurance coverage. However, the claim process is long and detailed. In fact, homeowners quickly realize that filing hurricane insurance claims takes as much time as working full-time. This is because you have to document everything and then negotiate with the insurance company. A simple misstep or a missing document can mean a lower settlement. That’s why you hiring a public adjuster for hurricane insurance claims makes sense.

When To Hire a Public Adjuster for Hurricane Insurance Claims

The first thing you need to do when you have hurricane damage to your home is to report the damage to your insurance company, or contact a public adjuster to do so for you. The insurance company will then send their insurance adjuster.

However, remember that your insurance company’s adjuster works for the company. They represent the company’s interests. If you hire a public adjuster, they represent you. Yes, public adjusters charge a fee, but most people using a public adjuster get a much higher payout.

Public adjusters often work on hurricane insurance claims because they are very challenging. In addition to extensive damage, most homeowners have several different policies that apply to the situation. These policies may even come from different insurance companies. For instance, the public adjuster may need to file with your general homeowner’s insurance, the wind insurance policy, and the federal flood insurance policy.

Additionally, they know how to handle difficult questions to determine which policy should pay out. Think about water damage. Some water damage from a hurricane may be due to rain coming through a damaged roof. Some water damage may be due to flooding. The first type of water damage could fall under the homeowner’s policy or the windstorm policy. The second type falls under flood insurance. How much each is responsible is not an easy question to answer.

Public adjusters are usually not necessary for small, simple claims like a few damaged shingles or one downed tree. These are easily handled on your own. However, for big claims like hurricane insurance claims, public adjusters are a very valuable resource.

Public Adjusters Don’t Perform Miracles

Large insurance claims, especially hurricane insurance claims, require a lot of time and energy. A public adjuster can help you by:

  • Accurately and completely documenting your damage
  • Understanding your policy or policies
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for a fair settlement

They can help you get what you deserve. However, they cannot get more money than you are owed. Hiring a public adjuster is not a way to hoodwink your insurance company.

Finding a Good Public Adjuster

Just as with any service provider, public adjusters are not all equal. Some have more experience and provide higher quality service than others. That is why you should be careful who you choose when putting in your hurricane insurance claims.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Get referrals from those that have used a public adjuster in the past OR find someone listed with the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.
  • Check the license of the public adjuster to be sure they can practice in Florida.
  • Look at the Better Business Bureau to see if the public adjuster has any complaints.
  • Check references – the more the better.
  • Read the contract thoroughly.
  • Be sure to understand the fees charged by the public adjuster.
  • Never pay money upfront or sign a contract under pressure. These are typically signs of a scam artist.

For hurricane insurance claims, call Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting. We have extensive experience helping homeowners after hurricane damage throughout Florida and across the United States. Let us help you get the best settlement possible.