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A public insurance adjuster can help you take full advantage of your insurance policy. Public adjusters can help you fight for the money that you are legally owed by your insurance company.

As with all professions you may hire, the quality of your public insurance adjuster is not guaranteed and will vary widely from company to company. Here are three ways to easily find the best public insurance adjuster for your one-of-a-kind circumstance.

Tip #1: Make Sure That They Are Licensed

It is a legal requirement to be licensed in every state in order to be a public adjuster. However, some public insurance adjusters find loopholes and claim that they work for another individual or company that has the license. This means that they don’t have the qualifications or proper credentials to do as they claim.

Because of instances like this, when picking a public insurance adjuster, it is essential first to check if they have the proper state licensing.

Tip #2: Know What Questions To Ask

Most homeowners will only ever hire one public adjuster in their lifetime.  Because of this, most people have little knowledge of what questions to ask or how to research public adjusters. Here are a few questions to help you get an idea of what to ask:

  • May I see your state license showing you are a public insurance adjuster?
  • Would you give me some references for past claims that you personally dealt with in the recent past? Make sure you follow up and call these references. Ask about the quality of the work done for them and if they believe that they got the best possible result.
  • What percent is your contingency fee? In general, the majority of public adjusters work for 20% of monies awarded. And, if you don’t get paid, they don’t get paid. Anything more than 20% should be a red flag.
  • What level of professional training and education do you have?
  • Am I speaking to a sales representative who will be passing off my claim to another adjuster, or am I speaking the actual insurance adjuster who will be handling my case?

Tip #3: Look For A Public Insurance Adjuster Who Has Insurance Agency Background

Some of the greatest public insurance adjusters used to work for insurance agencies. These public adjusters have a distinct advantage when negotiating with your insurance company.

Very few things are as stressful or lengthy as arguing with your insurance agency after a disaster hits your home. So, many homeowners just avoid it altogether and lose the compensation they rightfully deserve and have already paid for.

Public adjusters like Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting can help fight to increase your insurance claim for you. Without much personal effort, you can earn up to 70% more on your insurance claim when using a public adjuster. Call us today.