Many homeowners experience the difficulty of filing claims for smoke damage in their home. Here are some tips and tricks of the trade in order to better prepare and understand how to file those reports.

Document Everything

There is a small window of time that you can wait before filing a claim. Be sure that you know the time limit set on your insurance policy. Filing after the due date can be a reason for your insurance company to deny your claim.

You need to make a list of the losses that you experienced because of the smoke. Most insurance policies will cover smoke damage losses, so be sure to include everything. This means that your list needs to be as thorough as possible. Always keep a copy for your own records.

Your documentation should include:

  1. When the Smoke Damage Happened
  2. Type Of Damages
  3. The Location
  4. What Injuries Were Involved
  5. The People Involved
  6. Condition Of The Property
  7. The Contents That Were Damaged
  8. What Repairs Or Replacements Are Necessary
  9. The Report Made By The Police Or Fire Department

Know What Your Insurance Covers

Most standard homeowners policies will cover fire and smoke damage. If your home is destroyed by fire, then your insurance company will pay for your new house. They will also cover things destroyed in the home due to flames, smoke, soot, and ash.

Smoke damage affects practically everything. Most of your possessions and furniture will have to be thrown out even if they look only slightly damaged. Exposure to soot and ash can have lifelong effects on your health.

The reason you purchase insurance is for situations like this. Document everything that has even the smallest amount of damage and allow your insurance company to cover everything they are obligated to cover based on your policy.

Hire Smoke Damage Cleaning Professionals

After you document everything and speak with your agency, you should hire a professional cleaning company. A majority of policies will cover the cost of the cleaners. But even if they don’t, you shouldn’t try to clean it yourself. Professional cleaners will have specialized equipment to deal with these types of situations.

If you try to clean up the damage yourself, you will likely make the damage and stains worse. You could even end up with long-term medical problems because you didn’t have the right safety and cleaning equipment.

Sometimes in more severe cases, you will also have to replace insulation or deodorize your home.

A Public Adjuster Can Help

If your insurance company is refusing to pay because of an ambiguous claim, or for any reason, calling a public adjuster may help to solve your dilemma.

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting can help! We have extensive experience helping homeowners receive the claim payouts due to them after fire damage. Call us today.