The simple answer to this question is YES! If you need to file a property insurance claim, you should consider hiring a public insurance adjuster. This is especially true if the claim is for more than $10,000.

Why Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

You have nothing to lose and much to gain. A public adjuster can:

  • Help you determine the severity of the damage and whether you need to file a claim
  • Help you submit an accurate, detailed report to your insurance company
  • Provide you a second opinion on the dollar value of the property loss

Let’s look at each of these individually.

How Severe Is the Damage?

Public insurance adjusters are experts. They understand the how to determine the severity of your loss as well as the nitty-gritty details of your insurance policy. Due to their training and experience, public insurance adjusters know how to estimate property damage costs and help you determine if you need to file a claim.

Accurate, Detailed Report

One reason policyholders don’t get the amount of money they deserve from a claim has to do with the claim submission. If it is not accurate and detailed, your insurance company can simply decide to give you less than you deserve or deny your claim altogether. A public insurance adjuster can help you submit the right information with your claim to get you everything you’re owed.

Provide a Second Opinion

You may think you know the value of your property loss. Or, you may already have an amount sent to you by your insurance company. Having a second opinion, however, is a great idea. Most public insurance adjusters find that policyholder’s or insurance company’s estimates are far below what they should be. They know exactly what to include when determining costs. For instance, if you need a new roof, you may know how to calculate a new roof but would you remember to include the removal of the damaged one?

Sally R, an Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting client, said the following, “Words cannot express my appreciation for your visit this morning.  You saw damage that I had not noticed.  I have now emptied the shelves in the living room recess after you pointed out they are separating from the rear wall.  I now recognize the importance of your visit and inspection. ”

Is Hiring a Public Adjuster Expensive?

Most public insurance adjusters do not charge a fee unless the policyholder receives an insurance payout. They charge a percentage of the claim. In Florida, the fees are capped by state law:

  • No more than 20% of the claim
  • No more than 10% if a State of Emergency is declared by the Governor

Additionally, some public adjusters cap their fees per claim or negotiate a lower percentage depending on the type of loss or coverage paid out.

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting provides a free property inspection and damage claim review. During this consultation, we will review your policy, conduct a preliminary overview of your damages, and provide you with our findings. You pay nothing for Aftermath Adjuster’s services unless we recover costs for damages. If you have property damage, give us a call. We are ready to help you get the claim payout you deserve.