Most people have never heard of wind-driven rain until it’s too late. They first hear the term when they realize that their home insurance policy doesn’t cover the water damage in their homes.

Here is everything you need to know about wind-driven rain and whether your insurance policy covers it.

#1: What Does Wind-Driven Rain Mean?

Wind-driven rain is rain that is brought into your house by the wind. If the water wouldn’t have been able to damage your home without the wind propelling it into your home, then even if you have flood insurance, your insurance company might not cover the damages.

In storms, the things that cause the most damages are wind and rain. If the wind and rain cause damages on their own, then it will likely be covered by your insurance. However, the wind-driven rain is used by the agency as a stipulation on whether or not your home is at fault for the damages and not the storm itself.

#2: How Can Damages Be Your Home’s Fault?

Even if you were paying for a premium home insurance plan, your insurance company might not pay for the wind-driven rain damages. If the rain from a storm caused the damage, then normally, it would be covered by the insurance agency. However, if your roof leaked in the storm because your roof needed to be replaced and not because a tree fell on it, your insurance may not cover it because the damage was not caused by the storm but by your roof.

It’s small differences like this that can cause insurance companies to reject a claim.

#3: Your Flood Insurance Doesn’t Cover It

When most people see water damage in their homes after a storm, they believe their flood insurance will cover it. However, flood insurance covers the overflow of inland and tidal waters as well as rapid buildup or runoff of surface waters. It does not cover the spot water damage that comes from storms.

If your flood insurance doesn’t cover the water damage, what should you do?

#4: Insurance Policies Are Not Always Outlined Clearly

Insurance disputes can get frustrating. Some homeowners feel they did everything right. They read their policies thoroughly and maintained their home, but still, their claims get denied.

In most cases, wind-driven rain is clearly outlined in your policy. But there are cases where claims are denied even though wind driven rain wasn’t clearly defined.

#5: Your insurance Company Says They Won’t Cover The Damage

If your home has damage due to wind-driven rain, and it will cost you thousands of dollars to repair, you may consider calling a public adjuster. Public adjusters are independent specialists devoted to helping you take full advantage of your insurance policy coverage.

Homeowners hire public adjuster precisely for circumstances like this. A good adjuster can help you boost your coverage by thousands of dollars. They can detect vagueness in your insurance plan and hold your insurance company responsible.

If your insurance company appears to be taking advantage of you, especially concerning a wind-driven rain event, then contact Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting. We will work tirelessly to help you get the payout you deserve.