No one wants to be a victim of theft or vandalism, but it is something that occurs quite frequently, especially when homeowners leave on vacation. At Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, we want to help you protect your home, so we are offering the following seven tips for protecting your home whenever you are away.

Throw in a Little Light

Thieves and vandals typically avoid well-lit areas because they do not want anyone to see them committing a crime. Therefore, a great way to reduce the chances of theft and vandalism is to add some light to your property.

  • Install a security light
  • Install motion-activated lights on the exterior of your home
  • Add timers or use smart bulbs on indoor lights

Adding lights will not only make everything brighter but can also alert neighbors if an intruder is messing around your property.

Consider A Home Security System

Although a home security system will not stop an intruder from breaking into your home, it may stop them before they steal your property. Security systems may have:

  • Alarm system
  • Cameras
  • A function that alerts authorities

If you can’t afford a security system, consider using the old-school method of having a friend or neighbor keep an eye on your home while you are away.

Don’t Be Vocal About Your Plans

Theft and vandalism typically occur when a property is vacant for a given period of time. Therefore, you should not tell people when you are going to be gone. Avoid detailing your vacation plans to:

  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Blog posts
  • Acquaintances
  • Those who care for your home (housekeepers, yard maintenance, termite inspectors, etc)

Make It Look Like You Are Home

Not only should you avoid posting your vacation plans on social media, but you should also avoid broadcasting these plans with a home that looks unoccupied. Take care to make your home look lived in by having someone:

  • Get the mail each day (As an alternative, consider stopping the mail while you are gone)
  • Mow the lawn
  • Park in the driveway
  • Place garbage cans on pickup days

Other things to consider include covering windows so no one can snoop to see missing cars or missing occupants or having someone housesit while you are away.

Add Permanent Barriers to Entry

Vandalism and theft are less likely to happen when it is difficult for vandals and thieves to get on your property. Generally speaking, these crimes are crimes of opportunity – those committed because the person sees the chance and acts at the moment. Anything you can do to keep those chances limited will help reduce these crimes.

Two things to consider are:

  • Bushes: Adding bushes along the edge of the property acts as a barrier. Keep in mind, however, that bushes near your doors and windows should be trimmed to reduce hiding places.
  • Fences – A fence limits accessibility to your property

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting hopes your home remains safe while you are on vacation and anytime. However, if your home suffers damage, we are here to help. We know how to work with your insurance company to file and settle home intrusion and vandalism claims so that you get the highest possible settlement allowed with your insurance coverage. If you’ve suffered a loss, give us a call today.