Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is no fun. However, knowing that you can turn to a public adjuster to help you resolve the problem can lead to a greater peace of mind during a trying time. That’s because a public adjuster works for you to ensure your claim is filed properly and handled appropriately by your insurance carrier. Here is what a public adjuster can do for you.

Prepare Fire Claim Documents

Filing a fire loss claim is not an easy job. Each insurance company has its own unique form requiring item descriptions, quantities, costs, and more. Therefore, a homeowner is unlikely to be able to complete these forms accurately, which could lead to a lower settlement or even a claim denial.

Public adjusters are professionals who understand what insurance companies need in order to process a claim quickly and accurately. They are experts in:

  • Insurance policies
  • Insurance language
  • Filing claims
  • Adjusting claims as necessary
  • Filing supplemental claims

Give Good Advice

A public adjuster can help you understand what needs to be done to put your home back to pre-fire condition. For instance, you may see a blackened wall and think that it only needs a quick coat of paint, when, in fact, the wall needs to come down to the studs. A public adjuster can evaluate the damage and advise you so that your insurance carrier pays for the needed repairs, and you don’t experience problems related to the fire after the claim is closed.

Anticipate Potential Issues

A public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company. This means they will always work to get you the payout you deserve. Because they work with claims day in and day out, they know the loopholes and issues that insurance companies use to deny claims – something a homeowner would be far less likely to know.

To combat this, a public adjuster will provide the following to support your claim:

  • Facts
  • Evidence
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • And more

Provide Referrals

A public adjuster will know reputable professionals who can repair your home. They can offer suggestions for local:

  • Contractors
  • Cleaning services
  • Restoration services
  • Other professionals

Maximize Your Settlement

Public adjusters are great negotiators and will negotiate with your insurance company and those repairing and restoring your home. Having someone with these expert skills will reduce the stress of settling your fire insurance claim.

Why do you need a good negotiator?

  • Settling a claim is time consuming
  • Filing a fire claim is not easy. Inexperienced homeowners can easily make mistakes.
  • Insurance companies do not automatically pay the full claim but hope to get the insured to settle for less
  • You want to have all your damages and losses covered

When dealing with a fire loss, you have plenty to do. Your entire life will be disrupted. How you live and work will be interrupted. You don’t want the hassle of the never-ending conversations with your insurance company. And you don’t have to.

Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting is here to help. We can help you assess the damage, file the claim, and negotiate with your insurance company so that you get the highest possible settlement available based on your policy. If you’ve suffered from fire damage, give us a call – don’t wait!