A house fire is devastating and traumatic. As a homeowner, the only sigh of relief you might feel is that you have a good homeowners policy and will be able to recoup your financial losses. In fact, the whole reason you took out a policy in the first place was in case of such an event. Unfortunately, it is not all that uncommon for an insurance company to limit the coverage they are willing to pay or even deny a fire insurance claim. Here are some things you can do if this has happened to you.

#1: Hire a Public Adjuster

Public adjusters will work tirelessly on behalf of a homeowner during the fire insurance claim process. They understand the many ways that insurance companies try to limit the payout to policyholders with a claim. When you hire a public adjuster, they will look through your claim and the insurance company’s denial to determine the best way to help you get the claim payout you deserve.

#2: Understand Why Fire Insurance Claims Are Denied

The first thing your public adjuster will do is find the reason for the denial. The most common include:

  • Errors made in the claim
  • Mistakes made in the inventory of loss or damage
  • Suspicion of foul play
  • Claim not covered by the homeowners insurance policy

If your fire insurance claim was denied because of errors or a belief that the claim was not covered, a public adjuster can help you amend your claim to possibly fix the issues. This is a common problem with all types of insurance claims, which is why many people recommend hiring a public adjuster from the beginning.

When appealing a denied fire insurance claim, the public adjuster will work to:

  • Document your home’s fire safety systems
  • Show that your home was up to building code
  • Provide detailed reports and documentation on losses and damages
  • Prove how the claim is covered by the policy

#3: Recognize Unfair Treatment

If your insurance company has treated you unfairly, you may be able to receive breach of contract damages in addition to your fire insurance claim damages. A public adjuster can help you determine if your insurance company participated in any of the following unfair practices in relation to your fire insurance claim:

  • Misrepresentation of facts
  • Unreasonable delay
  • No explanation for the claim denial
  • Poor or no investigation of the fire-damaged property
  • Little or no evidence to prove the validity of the claim denial
  • Threatening communications, especially when the policy owner states they are hiring a lawyer or public adjuster
  • Purposely making a lowball claim

If your insurance company has participated in unfair practices, your public adjuster can help you appeal the fire insurance claim denial.

At Aftermath Adjusters & Consulting, LLC, we have over 50+ combined years of experience helping homeowners navigate the claim process. If you’ve had a fire insurance claim denial, call us today. We will look at your case and help you get the payout you deserve.